Couples Massage

There are many fun and intimate activities that couples can enjoy together while they talk and bond with each other. At A Natural Massage & Day Spa, we offer couples in Earp, CA the ultimate bonding and relaxation experience, and all at a fair and affordable price too. You can visit us with your spouse or partner any day of the week and treat yourselves to a great time. We love and accept all our clients and you are welcome to visit us with the person you love regardless of your relationship, be it homosexual or heterosexual. 

Who says you can't pamper yourself in other ways while getting a couples massage? Here at A Natural Massage & Day Spa, we are always coming up with ways to make our clients' experience worthwhile. We offer additional entertainment amenities such as music and drinks such as wine and champagne. Because we couple up as a nail salon, we will also give you a high-quality nail treatment, complete with a full manicure and pedicure for you and your partner. If you do not have a spouse or partner and wish to get yourself a massage, do not worry. We also offer massages for individuals, with the same level of quality. 

We make sure that our clients have private and intimate sessions, which is why we have private massage rooms for all our clients. Couples can also choose the type of masseurs that they are most comfortable with, be it male or female. Our massage tables and chairs are safe, comfortable and clean. We clean the massage tables, chairs and other equipment after each use using quality disinfectant. We also use high-quality products during our massages, all from trusted manufacturers.

If you live in Earp, CA, you can drop by our spa anytime, with or without your spouse. However, if you are single and would love to pamper yourself with a massage, do not hesitate to make your appointment.